Keeping your business moving

   Commercial Trucks and Trailers  need to stay on the road to move your business, and it has become a very technical process. That's why Truck Source Inc. Invests in the best factory trained technicians, knowledgeable service advisors, the latest diagnostic tools and solid IT technologies and networks.  From preventative maintenance to major repair, on all major brands of commercial trucks, you can count on us to keep your business moving. Truck Source Inc is 100% committed to the implementation and execution of Quick Check In processes.  An efficient service process equates to increased revenue for your business. Truck Source Inc.

    located in Portland, OR is in pursuit of customer satisfaction.  

Prompt check in and assessment of vehicle status with initial diagnostics within two hours.

You can stay up to date on your vehicle
with direct communication from our professional service staff.

   Repairs determined to take less than 4 hours are expedited to dedicated bays preventing short jobs from waiting behind longer jobs. Trucks requiring advanced diagnostics and repairs are routed to an Advanced Bay. As soon as information is available, you'll be advised regarding anticipated repair time and costs.